History repeats itself for Turkish Printer Ozyurt Matbaacilik

Turkish Printer, Özyurt Matbaacilik, has once again partnered together with GWS printing Systems by ordering another 16-page in 578mm cut-off, commercial heatset press. This time around the decision was for Rotoman.

Rotoman for OzyurtIf you are familiar with GWS Printing Systems and their successes, you will also know they have been successful all around the world and one of these markets being Turkey. GWS has a long-lasting relationship with Turkey ever since the beginning of flying in Harris 1650 Units to customers back in the ‘80s.

Thirty years on, the relationship with market continues, and once again welcomes a press sale to one of GWS’customers. Özyurt Matbaacilik and GWS have a partnership over the years. As recently as 2019, the two companies did business together when GWS sold an M600 to them. Almost exactly a year later, history repeats itself. In November of 2020 and despite the current market conditions, GWS was able to help the customer find a solution for his production needs when concluding a sale of a manroland Rotoman 16-page press coming from South Africa. The press was the right fit for the customer due to the current book tender requirements, which is issued every year to printers. With the new addition to his printing facilities, the customer is able to increase his output capacity and satisfy the market needs even more.

Arthur Viguurs, Area sales executive, who concluded the sale went on to say “It is great that we are once again able to give a press new life and a new home in difficult times. The year has been a challenging one, and the market has suffered. But GWS has managed to overcome this and help the customer again as we have done before. We are very happy that we are able to work together on a another deal and look forward to continuing our relationship with Özyurt Matbaacilik and the market long into the future.”

The press will be arriving in December 2020 and will be ready for production in the early part of 2021 to welcome the seasonal print runs.