Webfed equipment list

Coldset presses

  4 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR11840DGM 430 Max 2008560 mm914 mm
AR11232GOSS UNIVERSAL-50 - Sold!2000-2005560 mm914 mm
AR11203SOLNA D240/G150 2000560 mm890 mm
AR11819Tensor T1400 2001560 mm914 mm
AR11479GOSS COMMUNITY SSC - Sold!1990-2007578 mm890 mm
AR11732Heidelberg MERCURY 1994578 mm914 mm
AR11089KBA Albert A200-S 1986578 mm1000 mm
AR11799MAN CROMOMAN 2008578 mm965 mm
AR11684manroland CROMOMAN 45 1998578 mm915 mm
AR11312GLOBAL Albert ROF - Sold!1972-1991630 mm915 mm
AR11844SOLNA D25 1990630 mm965 mm
AR11843SOLNA D25 1990630 mm965 mm
AR11250TENSOR T400 2005700 mm1000 mm
  8 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR08970GOSS UNIVERSAL-75 2008560 mm914 mm
AR11836Heidelberg N845-A 1990578 mm914 mm
AR11586KBA COMET (SC) - Sold!1999578 mm840 mm
AR11253MAN UNISET-75 (SC) 2011578 mm965 mm

(SC) = Semi-commercial

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  NEWS: Roularta contracts GWS for removal of presses

Belgian publishing & printing house Roularta Media Group has contracted GWS Printing Systems to dismantle and remove three large rotary presses from its site in Roeselare. A Mitsubishi EUR M press, a Harris M4000 and an older MAN Lithoman press are being removed this summer. > more

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