Webfed equipment list

  DRYERagecut offweb width
AR11378CONTIWEB ECOTHERM 93 1999/2007
  FOLDERagecut offweb width
AR11281GOSS DP MODULE PCC-2 2000620 mm
AR11313bGOSS UB50 URBANITE 1995560 mm
AR11303HEIDELBERG HARRIS JF-55 2000630 mm965 mm
AR11303bHEIDELBERG HARRIS JF-55 2003630 mm965 mm
  INK PUMPSagecut offweb width
AR11602BETZ P100-S - Sold!
  PALLETIZERagecut offweb width
  REEL STANDSagecut offweb width
AR11603AMAL AR30 1990860 mm
AR11616AMAL AR60-C - Sold!1999
AR11430MEG DLP-1000 20081020 mm
  STACKERagecut offweb width
AR11550CIVIEMME ST220 - Sold!2003
AR11196RIMA RS3010-SL 1998
AR11196bRIMA RS3010-SL 2000
AR11287RIMA RS3110-SL 2000
AR11199RIMA RS3210-C - Sold!2004
AR11599SCHUR A600 2005
  STRAPPERagecut offweb width
  TRIMMINGagecut offweb width
AR11535GÄMMERLER RS111/530 - Sold!2003
AR11604In-Log RS-2VS 

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Printing solutions provider manroland Goss web systems Group (MGWS) and GWS Printing Systems (GWS) of the Netherlands announce the signing of a Share Purchase Agreement covering MGWS’s acquisition of the Dutch specialist in used web offset equipment. > more

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