Webfed equipment list

  Compensating stackeragecut offweb width
AR12462Gammerler KL511 1995/2017
AR12526bMuller-Martini FORTE 2006
AR12526aMuller-Martini FORTE 2006
AR12655bRIMA RS36-S - Sold!2011
AR12655aRIMA RS36-S - Sold!2011
AR12703RIMA RS36-S 2012
AR12783RIMA RS36-S 2018
  FOLDERagecut offweb width
AR11605manroland C50 1999578 mm
AR12054manroland KFN 2008578 mm
  INK PUMPSagecut offweb width
  PALLETIZINGagecut offweb width
AR12786Segbert MPA 2011
  REEL STANDSagecut offweb width
AR11603AMAL AR30 1990860 mm
  STACKERagecut offweb width
AR12585Civiemme ST100 - Sold!2003
  STRAPPINGagecut offweb width
AR12785Schneider-Ozga SO.2004 2015
  TRIMMINGagecut offweb width
AR12782FERAG SNT-U 2006
  TRIMMING LINEagecut offweb width
AR12655cRIMA RS820 2007
AR12702RIMA RS830 2012

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  NEWS: Packaging equipment trading house Galred acquired by GWS

manroland Goss and GWS Printing Systems B.V, the global leader in the used printing equipment market, are pleased to announce their acquisition of Galred Europe B.V, a renowned and established trading house in the used packaging industry focusing on flexo, rotogravure, pouch making and extruding equipment. > more

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