Webfed equipment list

Heatset presses

  16 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12759Goss M600-B24 2001630 mm965 mm
AR12519amanroland ROTOMAN-N 2008630 mm965 mm
  32 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR11568MAN EUROMAN 2008546 mm965 mm
AR11784KBA COMET - Sold!2005,2008630 mm1000 mm
AR12519bmanroland ROTOMAN-N 2008630 mm965 mm
  48 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12510MAN UNISET-75 2009578 mm1270 mm
AR11138manroland LITHOMAN-IV 2004620 mm1460 mm

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  NEWS: Packaging equipment trading house Galred acquired by GWS

manroland Goss and GWS Printing Systems B.V, the global leader in the used printing equipment market, are pleased to announce their acquisition of Galred Europe B.V, a renowned and established trading house in the used packaging industry focusing on flexo, rotogravure, pouch making and extruding equipment. > more

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