Webfed equipment list

Heatset presses

  16 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12040MAN ROTOMAN-N - Sold!2006578 mm965 mm
AR11492GOSS M600-C - Sold!2008625 mm965 mm
AR12010Goss M600-C24 - Sold!2001630 mm965 mm
  32 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12514manroland UNISET 75 2007500 mm720 mm
AR11568MAN EUROMAN 2008546 mm965 mm
AR11784KBA COMET 2005,2008630 mm1000 mm
  48 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12510MAN UNISET-75 2009578 mm1270 mm

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  NEWS: M600 installation marks another Egyptian success story

GWS Printing Systems has recently completed the installation of a Goss M600 pressline at Sahara Printing in Egypt. It is the latest addition for GWS in a long history of commercial relations with the Egyptian web offset market. > more

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