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Heatset presses

  16 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR11506KBA COMPACTA 215 - Sold!1999578 mm1000 mm
AR08802KBA COMPACTA-215 - Sold!2000578 mm1000 mm
AR11318MAN ROTOMAN N 1997578 mm965 mm
AR12040MAN ROTOMAN-N 2006578 mm965 mm
AR12010Goss M600-C24 2001630 mm965 mm
AR11944GOSS M600-C24 - Sold!2003630 mm965 mm
AR11837MAN POLYMAN - Sold!2005630 mm965 mm
AR11285MAN ROTOMAN-N - Sold!2001630 mm965 mm
AR11710aSOLNA C96 - Sold!1990630 mm965 mm
  24 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12011bMAN ROTOMAN-S - Sold!2005590 mm1460 mm
  32 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR11568MAN EUROMAN 2008546 mm965 mm
AR11951MAN ROTOMAN Duplex 2004620 mm965 mm
AR11945MAN LITHOMAN-IV 2008630 mm965 mm
AR11710SOLNA C96 - Sold!1990630 mm965 mm
  48 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12011MAN ROTOMAN-S - Sold!2005590 mm1460 mm
AR12058GOSS SUNDAY 4000 2000620 mm1480 mm
AR12087MAN LITHOMAN-IV 2000620 mm1460 mm
  64 page pressesagecut offweb width
AR12089KBA COMPACTA-818 2006620 mm1905 mm
AR12088MAN LITHOMAN-IV 2001620 mm1905 mm

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  NEWS: Goss M600 book press for Ozyurt Matbaacilik

Turkish quality printer Özyurt Matbaacilik has ordered a 578 mm cut-off Goss M600 heatset press from GWS Printing Systems. The press will be installed in Ankara specifically for book printing. The news was made public this week just a few days after the deal was closed. > more

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