Goss S2000 for leading book printer in Algeria

Cleaned Goss S2000One of the largest Algerian printers of educational books is moving into web offset printing. Renowned North African printer El Hillal has recently purchased a highly automated Goss 24-page heatset press through GWS Printing Systems, expanding its printing horizons.

‘We are very proud to have been chosen to deliver this press to El Hillal, who are traditionally sheetfed printers’, says GWS sales executive for French speaking North Africa Gael Amic. ‘It is rewarding to see that our expertise and in-house knowledge are being recognized by leading, high quality printers around the globe.’

The Goss S2000 press will be reconditioned in the GWS factory in the Netherlands prior to being shipped to Algeria. GWS will also supply El Hillal with a complete post press system suited to work with the Goss press.

The specialists of GWS will start the installation in Algeria in the course of March, after which the press is expected to commence production at El Hillal during the summer of 2017. For the start up of the press the GWS specialists will team up with Dovak Industrial Services, the official and authorized Goss service partner for Europe and Africa.

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