Harris press sale marks another Egyptian success

Harris M300 for EgyptWith the recent sale of a pre-owned Harris heatset press to Egypt, Dutch company GWS is continuing a string of sales successes in the Middle Eastern country. Renowned book printer GPS ordered the 8 unit, 16 page press for the production of full colour school books.

Area Sales Executive Arthur Viguurs is responsible for the Egyptian market at GWS. ‘We are the most important supplier of web offset presses in the Egyptian market, even when you take into account press sales of new machines’, says Viguurs. An impressive feat.

The 700m cutoff press is the fourth press GPS has bought from the Dutch supplier, who is specialized in delivering turnkey projects. A team of GWS specialists is currently dismantling the press at its current location. Transport to Egypt will commence very soon.

GWS’ Technical Project Manager Jack Verlouw, who is in charge of the project: ‘We expect to start installation in Egypt in April this year and production is planned to start this summer.’