KBA C 408 sale to Egypt

GWS Middle Eastern tradition continues

No company has sold more web presses into Egypt over the past two decades than GWS Printing Systems. The latest addition to the list is a KBA C 408 press in a special book size, which has been sold to the largest private book printer in Egypt.

GWS Sales Executive Arthur Viguurs strongly believes the local presence in Egypt is very important. 'Our customers clearly value our branch office in Cairo. In combination with our known reliability and service this has proven a golden formula.' 

The KBA C 408 was dismantled in Germany by GWS Machinery Care specialists. At the time of this press release the press is being installed in Egypt.  

With the sale of this press GWS has supplied a total of six presses to the same printer, which can be considered a milestone. The KBA C 408 will commence production in September this year.

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