GWS infeed for Van Barneveld

GWS WTD 1020-S infeed at Van BarneveldDutch print house Van Barneveld has taken a custom-built GWS Printing Systems infeed unit into production. The GWS WTD 1020-S unit was installed in their press to ddress web tension problems when printing in full color.

Van Barneveld asked GWS for the best solution to upgrade their Goss Mercury press to print full color newspapers. The GWS infeed, capable of controlling three webs, was ultimately chosen by Van Barneveld because of it’s accuracy, fast response time and very compact design.

GWS started manufacturing infeed applications some twelve years ago, as there was a need for a compact and flexible design suitable for different situations. The design proved to be very successful. It is currently being used mainly for press-upgrade projects and improvement programs in situations where customers demand better web tension for full color printing.

"Poor web tension is the main cause of register problems in a web-offset press. Improvement of this is the first and most important step in achieving stable register", says Sander van Ravestein, GWS’ designer and responsible for the range of GWS infeed products.

For more information about custom web control, please contact the GWS main office at or +31 88 497 77 77.

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