Lista attrezzatura rotativa

AR11281GOSS DP MODULE PCC-2 2000620 mm
AR11605manroland C50 1999578 mm
AR12231manroland C70 2007578 mm
AR12054manroland KFN 2008578 mm
  INK PUMPSannotagliolarghezza
  REEL STANDSannotagliolarghezza
AR11603AMAL AR30 1990860 mm
AR11430MEG DLP-1000 - Venduto!20081020 mm
AR12084bMULLER-MARTINI FORTE - Venduto!2002
AR12180RIMA RS3110 - Venduto!2002
AR12468RIMA RS3110 SL 2002
AR11604In-Log RS-2VS - Venduto!
AR11960RIMA RS820 2006
  TRIMMING LINEannotagliolarghezza
AR12084aMULLER-MARTINI EXACTO - Venduto!2002

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  NEWS: New management for GWS Printing Systems

Dear relatives, customers, suppliers and friends of the graphic industry, after being part of the GWS Printing Systems team for 35 years I am herewith announcing that I will step back as Managing Director on 31 December 2021. Commercial Director Daniel Constandse and Financial Director Reinier Janssen will form the new management of GWS as of 1 January 2022. This change of management follows a well-planned path for the two new directors to take position following the GWS acquisition by manroland Goss in December 2018.  > more

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