Lista de mquinas rotativas

Mquinas heatset

  Rotativas 16 pginasaocorteancho
AR11318MAN ROTOMAN N - Vendido!1997578 mm965 mm
AR12040MAN ROTOMAN-N 2006578 mm965 mm
AR12010Goss M600-C24 2001630 mm965 mm
  Rotativas 32 pginasaocorteancho
AR11568MAN EUROMAN 2008546 mm965 mm
AR12273manroland UNISET 1999578 mm965 mm
AR11945MAN LITHOMAN-IV 2008630 mm965 mm
  Rotativas 48 pginasaocorteancho
AR12276KBA Compacta-618 2009578 mm1450 mm
AR12256manroland LITHOMAN-IV 2007578 mm1450 mm
AR12058GOSS SUNDAY 4000 - Vendido!2000620 mm1480 mm
AR12137manroland LITHOMAN-IV 2000620 mm1450 mm

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  NEWS: History repeats itself for Turkish Printer Ozyurt Matbaacilik

Turkish Printer, Özyurt Matbaacilik, has once again partnered together with GWS printing Systems by ordering another 16-page in 578mm cut-off, commercial heatset press. This time around the decision was for Rotoman. > more

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