Goss M600-B24 - 16 pages heatset (AR12759)

As exclusive partner to the owner we can offer the following M600 press subject to remaining unsold.

The press equipped with Autoplate automatic plate changing cassettes and a dryer with integrated afterburner is configured as 16-page press in full colour. The press is further equipped with QIPC cut of and colour registers. The post press equipment in line with the folder delivery consists of trimming, stacking and strapping.

The press is still under power and is available immediately for delivery.

Especificaciones básicas

Año de fabricación:2001
Corte:630 mm
Desarrollo de cilindro:630 mm
Ancho de bobina:965 mm
Número de portabobinas:1
Número de grupos:4
Número de páginas:16
Número de dobladores:1

Sus detalles

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