KBA COMET - 64 pages heatset (AR11784)

As owners we can offer the following semi-commercial KBA COMET press subject to remaining unsold.

The KBA COMET is typically used in for Newspaper, Semi-Commercial and Book Printing environment worldwide due to its flexibility and high printing quality. This particular press is used for just that, as a contract printer for newspaper, magazines and books.

With one section a 32-page book in size DIN A4 can be made in coldset or commercial quality with a glossy finish.

The press equipment is immediately available for sale and can be shown in running condition.

Basic specifications

Year of construction:2005,2008
Cut off:630 mm
Cylinder circumference:1260 mm
Web width:1000 mm
Number of reels:4
Number of units:12
Number of pages:64
Number of folders:2

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