GWS flexweb - variable web width application module

With the GWS flexweb it is possible to print variable web widths on a fixed width, double wide newspaper press. Now you can print different size newspapers without large investments, all thanks to a retro-fit module that can be installed into your existing press structure.

GWS Variable Web Width ApplicationThe flexweb was designed in close consultation with printers, resulting in a user friendly product that allows for short change-over times between productions.

The unit can be fully controlled from the machine room, either as a stand-alone unit or even fully integrated into the press controls. The flexweb has no influence on the register stability or running speed of the machine and even webbing up can be done as normal.

Your production will not be hampered by installation of a flexweb unit. No major modifications need to be done to your press and there is no down-time in your production.

With a relatively small investment you can easily widen your market potential and save on cost of paper at the same time.

If you would like to know more about what the flexweb module can do for you, then please contact us.

More information on the following subjects:
- GWS flexweb brochure (PDF)
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