GOSS UNIVERSAL-75 - 24 pages coldset (AR08970)

This Goss press is equipped with three 4-high printing towers and a folder for tabloid or broadsheet newspapers.

With three webs in full colour a 48-page tabloid or a 24-page broadsheet newspaper can be printed with a maximum speed of 75.000 copies per hour.

The press is in excellent condition, has recently been cleaned & checked and has been fitted with newly recovered rubber rollers. It can be seen in production at high speed.

Optionally a nice Idab Wamac post press line is available separately complete with gripper line, compensating stacker, wrapper and strappers.

Caratteristiche di base

Type of press:8 pages coldset
Anno di costruzione:2008
Taglio:560 mm
Circonferenza cilindro:560 mm
Larghezza banda:914 mm
Numero di bobine:3
Numero di coppie:24
Numero di pagine:24 (broadsheet)
Numero di pieghe:1

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