KBA COMPACTA-318 - 24 pages heatset (AR11407)

We can offer this nice KBA C318 press of 1998, which was refurbished in 2010. It has a left-to-right web travelling path and is equipped with (4) printing units, dryer with integrated afterburner and heat-exchanger, PressTech colour register, Grafikontrol cut off and a 2012 installed brand new Grafikontrol closed loop density control system.

The strong F5-620L folder with a mechnical speed of 70.000 cph completes this well maintained and very nice press. This press has its own chilling plant, plate bender, plate punch and blanket bender.

Especificaciones básicas

Año de fabricación:1998
Corte:620 mm
Desarrollo de cilindro:620 mm
Ancho de bobina:1450 mm
Número de portabobinas:1
Número de grupos:4
Número de páginas:24
Número de dobladores:1

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