manroland CROMOMAN - 4 pages coldset (AR12398)

As exclusive partner to the owner, we can offer the following manroland CROMOMAN subject to remaining unsold.

This highspeed CROMOMAN newspaper press is Single circumference x Single web width consisting of (6) 4-high printing towers and a folder for broadsheet and tabloid production and is capable of producing 48 pages tabloid at a speed of 70.000 cph! The press is still installed and under power and a printing test can be arranged for upon request.

The press is in an excellent condition and available now!

Especificaciones básicas

Type of press:4 pages coldset
Año de fabricación:2007
Corte:578 mm
Desarrollo de cilindro:578 mm
Ancho de bobina:915 mm
Número de portabobinas:8
Número de unidades de impresión:48
Número de páginas:4 (broadsheet)
Número de dobladores:1

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