GOSS COMMUNITY SSC - 4 pages coldset (AR12144)

As owners we can offer the following GOSS COMMUNITY SSC press subject to remaining unsold.

The press with a cut off of 578 mm (22 3/4 inch) is composed of remote controlled 4-high printing towers with for example EPG ink fountains and a colour register for each tower. Each web is fitted with an infeed unit for increased web tension control. The press is capable of producing 48-pages tabloid over a single folder or 3x 16-pages tabloid over three folders simultaneously.

The press is in good condition, still installed, but no longer in production. The press is available immediately for delivery.

Especificaciones básicas

Type of press:4 pages coldset
Año de fabricación:
Corte:578 mm
Desarrollo de cilindro:578 mm
Ancho de bobina:890 mm
Número de portabobinas:6
Número de unidades de impresión:48
Número de páginas:4 (broadsheet)
Número de dobladores:3

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