manroland ROTOMAN-N - 32 pages labeur (AR12519b)

As exclusive partner to the owner we can offer the following ROTOMAN press subject to remaining unsold.

The press is configured as 16- or 32-page press in full colour. Where the press is geared for the production speed of 65.000 copies per hour and is very well equipped, what makes the press unique is the APL automatic plate changing cassettes enabling very short production makeover by this plate changing system for longer and in specific the shorter production runs in the highest of printing qualities!

Spcifications de base

Anne de construction:2008
Coupe:630 mm
Circonfrence du cylindre:630 mm
Laize:965 mm
Nombre de bobines:2
Nombre dunits:8
Nombre de pages:32
Nombre de plis:1

Vos cordonnes

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