KBA Compacta-106 - 8 pages labeur (AR11741)

We can offer the following KBA Compacta 106 Commercial web offset printing press.

The KBA Compacta 106 is best used for high quality printing at high production speeds: 60.000 cph (7,4 meter/sec)! The press is equipped with a flying imprinting unit (EDW), for example used for changing imprints of company names without down times and without waste copies and plates are changed at full production speed.

For increased production capabilities this press is fitted with JetWeb inline finishing equipment such as spot perforation unit (magnetic cylinder), plow fold assembly and gluing.

The press is fully automated and equipped with registers for cut off and colour register control. The press is further equipped with a closed loop colour density control system.

The press is still installed and is immediately available for sale.

Spcifications de base

Anne de construction:2000
Coupe:444 mm
Circonfrence du cylindre:444 mm
Laize:670 mm
Nombre de bobines:1
Nombre dunits:5
Nombre de pages:8
Nombre de plis:1

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