GOSS M600-C - 16 pages labeur (AR11492)

As Exclusive Partners to the owner we can offer the following M600-C press year 2008 subject to remaining unsold.

The press is equipped with (4) printing units with Autoplate, Goss Omnicon machine controls and JF55 folder with PFF module (for 4x4 or 2x8-page production). The press is still installed and can be inspected as such. For more details, please contact cic@gws.nl

The machine is available immediately!

Spcifications de base

Anne de construction:2008
Coupe:625 mm
Circonfrence du cylindre:625 mm
Laize:965 mm
Nombre de bobines:1
Nombre dunits:4
Nombre de pages:16
Nombre de plis:1

Vos cordonnes

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