manroland REGIOMAN - 8 pages de presse (AR12289)

As exclusive partner to the owner we can offer the following manroland REGIOMAN press subject to remaining unsold.

The press has a cutoff of 560 mm and is composed of (4) 4-high full colour printing towers and a folder allowing 64 pages tabloid in full colour. In case you are interested in a larger configuration, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are in the position to extend this press with towers and or folders enabling upto 128 pages in full colour!

The REGIOMAN is still installed and can be seen in operation and is available as of March 2021.

Spcifications de base

Type of press:8 pages coldset
Anne de construction:2002
Coupe:560 mm
Circonfrence du cylindre:560 mm
Laize:1600 mm
Nombre de bobines:5
Nombre de couples:32
Nombre de pages:8 (broadsheet)
Nombre de plis:1

Vos cordonnes

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