MAN CROMOMAN - 24 pages de presse (AR11799)

This is a single circumference x single width newspaper press with a maximum mechanical speed of 70.000 cph. It is capable of printing up to 24pp broadsheet or 48pp tabloid in full colour. Equipped with shaftless drive technology, 3-roller dampening, narrow gap plate & blanket lockups and optional features such as infeed units and web-tension control system, this press enables outstanding print quality and great flexibility.

Spcifications de base

Type of press:4 pages coldset
Anne de construction:2008
Coupe:578 mm
Circonfrence du cylindre:578 mm
Laize:965 mm
Nombre de bobines:6
Nombre de couples:48
Nombre de pages:24 (broadsheet)
Nombre de plis:1

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