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GWS Printing Systems is a global supplier of premium webfed and sheetfed offset presses, auxiliaries and related systems to the printing industry. With over 30 years of experience the company offers services for engineering, project management, installation, training and after-sales service. > more



KBA Comet in full production at Listin Diario
KBA Comet at Listin DiarioDominican Republic based newspaper Listin Diario recently took their newly installed KBA Comet press into production. This inauguration was celebrated as the company was host to the yearly ATDL conference, which GWS Printing Systems - as supplier of the machine - also attended. > more


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The Solution Providers

Meeting the demands of modern day printing should not necessarily require investment in expensive new equipment. In many circumstances the solutions to these challenges are right before your eyes!

GWS Printing Systems has designed and developed a series of protocols known as the Solutions Programme that can be bespoken to an individual printer’s needs using their existing equipment. This programme entails a number of very different options:

  •   Retrofits - Enhance the mechanical performance of your presses through a range of applications for commercial and newspaper presses (e.g. custom outfeed/infeed for improved web tension or GWS flexweb for running smaller webs).
  •   Upgrades - Modernize the control and drive systems of your presses, including colour management.
  •   Rebuilding - Breathe new life into your presses with an ‘as new’ finish and state of the art technology.
  •   Reconfiguration - Transform your presses to meet the demands of current day printing.
  •   Project Management - From green field sites to operating print facilities, the Solutions Programme delivers.

GWS custom infeed unit GWS Printing Systems has a world-wide reputation for supplying high quality commercial and newspaper presses. The company is structured as a project organisation driven by a team of skilled technical specialists, each of them dedicated to finding solutions, together and in close consultation with the customer.

We operate from a 2.600 m2 technical centre in the Netherlands equipped with cleaning and painting facilities, a research and design centre plus engineering and electrical resources.

In the Solutions Programme, GWS Printing Systems is able to combine integrating new OEM equipment alongside our own traditional services of cleaning, painting and technical services into existing press lines.

The Solution Programme is portable so projects can be tackled either at our Technical Centre or on site, in many cases without interruption to every day production.

More information on the following subjects:
- GWS Research & Development (PDF)
- GWS Special Applications (PDF)

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