Heidelberg N845-A - 48 pages coldset (AR11836)

As Exclusive Partner to the owner we can offer the following N845-A Newspaper Web Offset Printing Press subject to remaining unsold.

The N845-A with a horizontal web lead is a very sturdy built press equipped with bearers for stable colour printing.

The press is further equipped with extra mono printing units and Y-type 3-colour printing units for flexible colour production. Equipped with remote controlled ink fountains, the press is very user friendly.

The press is immediately available for sale.

Especificaciones básicas

Type of press:8 pages coldset
Año de fabricación:1990
Corte:578 mm
Desarrollo de cilindro:578 mm
Ancho de bobina:914 mm
Número de portabobinas:6
Número de unidades de impresión:16
Número de páginas:48 (broadsheet)
Número de dobladores:1

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